Áine Farrelly


contact   aine-farrelly@hotmail.com



Artist statement 

I have always been conflicted with an urge to make and the question of the function of a work thereafter. Working predominantly in print, ceramics and sculpture my work confronts this question, quite obnoxiously, by the fabrication of function-less images and objects. 
A processed based practice allows my work to have parameters in the form mold making techniques or image making. This allows the forms and materials applied to these to be experimental, letting the characterises of the materials to become apparent. 
An environmental awareness is played out through manufactured objects and the artificial colour palette. Objects fabricated by casting, a method that has the ability to mass produce is juxtaposed with hand crafted forms that require hours of effort and care. Print is similarly used for its replicative characteristics. These constructed forms and images are imitations of goods we encounter on a daily basis , they question why an object preforms the way it does, and what are the terms in which it can also be understood as an art object.  

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