Áine primarily works with clay, creating playful sculptures that hinge on their form and colour. Making is a sensory experience for her; the process as important as the final product. 

The tools, like icing piping bags and extruders, and the techniques, like mould making and handbuilding, dictate the outcome of the work, allowing the clay autonomy to ooze, fold, grow, and slump into its final form.


Themes of consumer culture seep into her work through the vibrant use of colour, momentarily inviting the viewer in to appreciate the often useless object. 

Áine graduated in 2019 with a First Class Honours, Fine Art degree from Technology University Dublin. She currently works from her studio in Cavan and received an Emerging Artist Award from Cavan Arts Council in 2020. Áine’s work was recently displayed at Ceramic Ireland's Triennial exhibition Land/Marks in Farmleigh, Dublin, and featured in the 190th RHA Annual Exhibition.

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